Pre-Registration Form

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This form helps us confirm your eligibility and provide guidance on upgrades that are suitable for your home.

Our team will review your submission and if approved, you will receive an eligibility code and a list of upgrade opportunities and available rebates.

Important: Ensure you submit your pre-registration form in full. After submission, you will land on a "Thank-You" page and receive an automated email with your application number. If you did not get this email, contact our team. You must be pre-approved and receive an eligibility code before completing any upgrades. If this requirement is not met, you will be denied for rebates.

New Program Rebate Eligibility Requirement: For participants that pre-register on or after February 1, 2024, the home property must have a total assessed value at or under $1,230,000 in the BC Assessment listing for the address of the applicant’s home in the year of program registration. Total assessed property value is not a requirement for Income Level 3.